I know a lot of artists that have had their art stolen from them and sold without their permission. There is always someone that says they should be flattered. That person is always dumb.


“Someone stole my bike” isn’t a fair comparison – copyright isn’t property and shouldn’t be. If your bike is taken, you no longer have a bike. If copies of your art are made without your permission… you still have everything you started with.

Given the monopoly-abuse that big corporations are using copyright for, and the way they try to use it to squash free speech and take control of the internet itself (because any kind of unmonitored communication might be used to transfer an illicit mp3), I have to say I’m feeling a lot of antipathy towards the whole system.

In the modern world of instantaneous perfect digital copying, it has become an unavoidable fact (regardless of any discussion of economics or morality) that artists of all kinds are returning to being buskers, reliant on the goodwill of their audience.

That does make attribution absolutely crucial, so I’m not on the side of those doing the copying in this scenario, but I also can’t support the idea that creating something gives you the right to control everyone else’s use of it forever after.

Thanks for replying but you’re missing the point of the comic completely, sorry!

Was the point “some people are idiots about this, irrespective of what side they’re on” ?

Because I’m on board with that. “Oh just be flattered” always remains a dick thing to say to someone who’s hacked off with what the world has seen fit to do with their work.

I might also be in favour of the world having a legal right to do it, but still.

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