Tutorials for you

These tutorials were basically written for making games in AGS, but i think they can still be applied to other art forms.

Also, the majority of these tutorials are real old. As in 3 years or so. I have learned so much in these years that when I look back on these tutorials I want to shoot myself for doing some things. So either wait for the updates or don't take what is written here as the law. Not that you should do that for anything on the internet.

Hi-Res Background Art Tut

Low-Res Background Art Tut

Anti-Alias in low-res

Walkcycle Images for free!

Drawing a character from a scanned image

Drawing a character from a photo source

Animating a sprite

Animating a walk cycle

Easing in and out [man throwing a ball]

Palettes in AGS

Simple Drawing Tips

Drawing Backgrounds for Insta-Games [what are Insta-Games?]

Working with gradients and patterns.

Background tutorial in AGI by Björn Kahlenberg

Scanning Pencil Art and Ink Art for Games.